Your School Library

Carrabec 2.0: A World of Resources

We have over seven thousand hard copy items in our collection!

We offer your student a broad range of resources, including fiction and non fiction print materials, audiobooks, films, and our latest eBook subscription via Gale online databases.

The library is open!

  • Our Librarian, Katie Hall, is available every school day from 7:30-3:00, with individualized help on finding resources, reading, homework, researching or writing for any student.
  • Many classes take place right in the library- where students can use resources and technology to enhance their learning experience!
  • Our literacy specialist, Lisa Savage, offers special writing center support every day in the library during advisory.

We've Updated Our OPAC!

Alexandria Version 6 offers faster, more complete records- so our patrons can find what they need more efficiently than ever before.