Final Exam Week


For a really good project, work in somethings from all the above categories, showing you have learned how to use them.

This week is for the Final Project and Exam. Here is a list of things to be sure and review:

• Imperfect: regulars + irregulars, when to use
• Preterite: regulars + irregulars, when to use
• Preterite or Imperfect?
• Reflexive Verbs
• Por vs. Para
• Direct Object Pronouns
• Indirect Object Pronouns
• Affirmative + Negative tú commands
• Affirmative + Negative Words
• Present/Imperfect Progressive + gerunds

Know where you´re going with your project!

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If you need help, please contact the Peer Tutoring Center. Students helping Students.

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Sra. Kilburn

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