CSD Weekly Update

WEEK #3, September 4, 2020

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Dear Cambrian Families,

This week, Bagby, Farnham, Fammatre and Sartorette Elementary Schools held Virtual Back to School Nights. Last week Steindorf’s Virtual Back to School night was held, and Price Middle School’s event will be on September 8th. I hope you were able to attend (or are looking forward to the Price event next week!) Thank you to our amazing principals, teachers and staff at each one of these schools for their enthusiasm and passion to serve the children and families of CSD.

As we move toward week 4 of the new school year, I encourage you to reach out to our staff with questions or comments to help improve our efforts. We are sincerely grateful for your partnership and collaboration during these unprecedented times. I understand the challenges many families face with the distance learning model. Please know that we are here to encourage and support in every way we can. Thank you for sharing your amazing children with us---our district is so much better as a result. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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The Cambrian School District has been in the process of assessing potential land redevelopment of District-owned properties as a new ongoing revenue stream to support our students, programs and District . After evaluating multiple options, we identified the Metzler Elementary School at Cambrianna Drive as a promising opportunity to convert a portion of this site into an ongoing revenue stream. The proposed development matches and complements the character of the neighborhood.

The proposed housing development project for the Cambrian School district will generate ongoing revenue that will support CSD’s outstanding programs.

Please join Cambrian parents, teachers, and neighbors and click here to sign a letter of support asking the City of San Jose to approve the District’s general plan amendment application.

For more information about the Cambrian School District’s “Support Our Students” land development initiative, please check out our webpage or contact former Cambrian School District parent Eve Walton at: SOSCambrianSchoolDistrict@gmail.com. Stay informed on the Initiative, please sign up for our mailing list by clicking here.

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Staying Connected through Technology

We want to do everything we can to help with your technology needs. Thanks for your partnership!

  • Troubleshooting: Here is a quick go-to guide if you are struggling with accessing one of our digital tools. This guide along with a lot of other information is available on our Distance Learning Help! Page.

  • Zooming: We’ve received several requests asking how your child’s name can be updated in Zoom.

    • Start the Zoom application.

    • If you are logged into a personal account, log out (your child does not need to login to Zoom!). Click on your user icon in the top right hand corner to sign out.

    • If you are on the Sign In page, click Back in the lower left corner.

    • Select Join a Meeting.

    • Enter your name and check Remember my name for future meetings.

  • Tech Help: If you have challenges getting your child logged in online and need assistance, you can reach out to our Technology Help Line (http://bit.ly/CSDTechHelp).

  • Clever Student Applications Portal: Please see our family Clever Support page if you are having problems accessing the Clever application portal.

  • If you need to borrow a device to please see the Device Loan Request form on our Distance Learning Help! page: https://www.cambriansd.org/Page/3640.

Distance Learning Program

As we are sure you know, distance learning can take some getting used to. We want to equip you with valuable resources. Please refer to our guidelines at Distance Learning/Virtual School Program Guidelines for Students and Parents/Guardians. On our District website (www.cambriansd.org), we have a section for the Virtual School Program and another for our Distance Learning program. Please consider consulting these pages for valuable resources pertaining to the Virtual School Program and the Distance Learning program.


The next meeting of the Governing Board will be held Thursday, September 17th, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. through Zoom. The public may participate remotely using the link sent out the week of the event.

Updated CSD Meal Service

Cambrian School District is offering free breakfast and lunch daily to anyone age 18 and younger. Brown bag meals will be available for pickup at Price Middle School, Monday through Friday, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., providing breakfast and lunch for the following day. Weekend meals will also be provided on Fridays! You do not need to show any ID. Children do not need to be present to receive meals. Family members may walk up or drive up to receive meals. Applications to apply for subsidized meal pricing are available online by clicking here. We look forward to continuing to serve our students and provide an important home to school link for our students. For more information about menus, nutrition, and the CSD food program, visit our website at https://www.cambriansd.org/domain/268.

Please contact the Food Services office at 408-559-0273 with any questions.

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