The Spartan Standard

Creating Coherent Systems That Promote Learning For All

Our Mission: Why We Do The Right Thing

The mission of Chula Vista High School, an academic and artistic community that celebrates its traditions, spirit, and diverse culture, is to ensure all students realize their highest aspirations through a system of learning distinguished by:

  • Academic rigor across the curriculum fostering lifelong intellectual curiousity
  • A climate of respect, fairness, equality, and security promoting individual confidence and responsibility
  • A culture of collaboration between school, family, and community
  • A proactive network of student support
  • Exciting, unprecedented opportunities for student involvement
  • Creative and artistic expression
  • State of the Art Technology

From One of Our Own...

"I have been enrolled in SCPA visual arts since seventh grade. Now, a Senior at Chula Vista High School, I have experienced all that the program of arts has offered to me: two years of VAPA Art Summer Camp, two years of AP Studio Art, endless weeks of stage work in which we design and create the theatrical sets. I am so proud of my accomplishments, and am in awe of the accomplishments of the people around me. To have been exposed to so many different art forms- dance, music, theater, etc., I have been irreversibly altered in my view of the world. I look around me and I now interpret my surroundings as an unfinished canvas- or rather, a mural. We all have our creativity to contribute to this world, and as we grow, the mural grows with us. We learn from those working next to us, and they learn from those next to them. We are an expanding world, becoming more and more exquisite as we refine and change, for art, any form of art, is an essential mode of communication, and thus the heart of a community."--Ramona Demotto, 12th grader, Chula Vista High School

Mary Rose's Schedule (Subject to Change)


Monday, February 1: PLC Collaboration

7:30 Staff Interview

9:30 Staff Interview

10:30 Dr. Perez, State & Federal

1:00 Staff Interview

1:39 PLC Collaboration

4:00 A-Team

6:00 CVHS Foundation @ La Bella's

Tuesday, February 2:

8:00 Safety Training @ PDC

6:00 ELAC @ Learning Lab

Wednesday, February 3:

9:30 Staff Mtg. @ Parent Center

10:00 Tree Planting @ 800 area

2:00 Staff Mtg.

2:50 FAC @ New Library

Thursday, February 4:

9:00 Principal PLC @ OHS

12:37 Dept. Chair Mtg.

2:00 Staff Mtg.

Friday, February 5:

7:45 Calendar

1:00 A. Alvarez re: Schedule

Saturday, February 6:

8:00 Saturday School (Garnica-Mendoza)

8:00 Adelante Latino Conference @ SDSU

5:00 District Honor Band Concert @ PAC


Monday, February 8: PLC Collaboration

1:39 PLC Collaboration

6:00 Principal's Honor Roll @ PAC

Tuesday, February 9:

8:30 Coffee With The Principal @ Learning Lab

2:50 SSC @ New Library

Wednesday, February 10:

2:50 Faculty Meeting

Thursday, February 11:

7:45 Calendar

7:00 Band Chamber Music Recital @ PAC

Friday, February 12:

7:45 Presidents' Day

HOLIDAY: No School

6:30 Sadie Hawkins Dance @ Broadway Pier

Kudos, Transitions, and Thanks

  • Congratulations to our Teacher of the Year Nominees: Kathy Perry, Gavin Ching, and David Hatz.
  • Congratulations, proud Mom Hilda Bender. Her son, Daniel, received a full football scholarship from PAC-12 school Washington State University. The picture on the right shows Daniel with Hilda and his Dad in the press room of WSU.
  • It's Counselors Week! I know that we all appreciate our counselors: Jennette Duarte, Nancy Penuelas, Christy Araki, Maggie Padilla, Edrey Ledesma, Jessica Marshall, and Tino Batista. Please join me in thanking them for all they do for our students and the support they give to our teachers and staff.
  • Kudos to Edrey Ledesma who coordinated Financial Aid Night. CVHS had a good number of parents and students attend to get assistance and information in filling out their FAFSA form. Many thanks to all the counselors in attendance at this event.
  • Congratulations to Alain Garnica-Mendoza who was honored and recognized as the 2015-16 VEX Mentor of the Year for his "dynamic, selfless, and inspirational mentorship." He was recognized at the 3rd Annual San Diego VEX Robotics League held on January 20, 2016 at San Ysidro High School. At the same event, our Robotics Team, the Spartanators, took second place in overall competition.
  • It takes a village...683 students received a GPA of 3.5 and above in the Fall 2015 semester, qualifying them for the Principal's Honor Roll! They will be recognized in a ceremony next Monday night. Your presence will make it special for these students who worked so hard to achieve.
  • Congratulations to Deborah Nevin and SCPA teachers Jeff Williams, Patrick Doerr, Conrad Bruderer, Judy Beaver, and Sonja Jaime for a successful SCPA Extravaganza held at the gym.

Teacher of the Year: David Hatz

Congratulations to David Hatz who was selected Teacher of the Year for Chula Visa High School, 2015-2016. He teaches AP English Language to our juniors. Mr. Hatz inspires our students to not just write better, but to write their best; not just to think but to think creatively and critically; not just to take the AP test, but to work so hard to excel. Aside from his endeavors in the classroom, Mr. Hatz is a great supporter of our school and our students, providing scholarships and donating significantly to our school projects. Below is a note he received from one of his former students:

Dear Mr. Hatz,

When I was asked who was someone that I kept in mind as I entered education, you popped into my mind. I was only at Chula Vista High School for one year, but during my time in your 11th grade AP Lit class, you pushed us towards academic excellence & went beyond your on paper duties by coming in on Saturdays to administer practice AP tests. Wtihout the college tour you & the AP History put on, I'm not sure if I would have actually attended college. I already wanted to, but that trip made everything so much more concrete. I'll be teaching 11th grade English this year & I am grateful for everything you did in the classroom to help me get here.

Thank you for everything,

Michelle Hanley

Mr. Hatz will be representing Chula Vista High School in the District Teacher of the Year.

Quin Murphy Foundation Sponsors School Beautification Day at CVHS

Big image
Big image
It was a great day with so much accomplished! The Quin Murphy Foundation, through the leadership of Maria Galleher, sponsored a beautification day last Saturday that paid attention to the garden areas. More than 40 students, family members, and staff showed up to plant succulents in the pots by the PAC, plant 7 citrus trees in the garden area near the ASB, create a kale garden, completely weed the area by the 800 classrooms, and plant more succulents by the Library and 200 building. A very big thank you to the Quin Murphy Foundation's donation of manpower and funds. Special thank you's also go out to the following staff for their support of this big project: Dr. Suzanne Larsen, Beatriz Bey, Paul Gallegos, Jose Medrano, Marcia Bristol, Adrian Lora, Joe Lara, and DiAnne Cabe. The Murphy Family are CVHS alumni--thank you for all your help in transforming our school grounds. With the support of the Muraoka family (Trevor Muraoka is a student at CVHS), the Murphy Family, the Quin Murphy Foundation, staff, and students, we hope to see learning gardens all around out school in the future.

Ballet Folklorico Concert A Huge Success

Big image
Close to 1200 parents, fans, and supporters attended two performances showcasing the Ballet Folklorico in concert. In the later show, about 600 spectators crowded in the [hot] Performing Arts Center to support and applaud our young men and women who performed dances from different regions in Mexico. Congratulations to Eduardo Romero Fox for working with his dancers who impressed with their performance! Thank you to all staff who attended and supported Ballet Folklorico. Special thank you goes to Debbie Nevin for her support as SCPA Coordinator!

Walkthrough Focus

As we walk through this week, we will be looking for the following:

  • How am I building on skills learned first semester to help students be successful second semester?
  • How am I conveying, with clarity, the purpose of the day's lesson, how the day's agenda supports its completion, and the evidence that students need to show for completion/mastery?
  • How am I developing creating opportunities for structured student interaction?
  • How have I planned for possible misconceptions?
  • How am I scaffolding for English Learners and/or Students With Disabilities?
  • How am I grouping my students so that they are helping each other reach their Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) as they collaborate?

PLC Collaboration

  • Please work on the agenda that you had agreed upon based on your last PLC collaboration.
  • This week, some departments have expressed the need to meet to consider curriculum issues that affect all PLC's. I am requesting Department Chairs to send minutes of their meetings, if they do meet as a Department.
  • A reminder that everyone is expected to stay on campus until the end of the PLC time. Thank you for your professionalism.
  • Consider the following suggestion: Specifically concentrate your planning around anticipating student difficulties or misconceptions in your lessons. From your experience or from data you have, what misconceptions or difficulties do students have with the lesson/unit you are/will be presenting? How do you/will you plan differently to address anticipated misconceptions or difficulties in learning of students? I truly believe that by just doing this will make a big difference in student learning, engagement, and achievement.
  • Minutes should include products (lessons, CFA's, adjusted lesson plans, specific agreements on instructional strategy use) that should be uploaded to our CANVAS page. I want to see the result/s of your collaboration. Please see your Curriculum Coach for assistance, if needed.

  • Thank you for your focused engagement and hard work!

Tardy Policy: Week One and Next Steps

As you have seen from the data, the first four days of implementing our Tardy Policy saw a drastic decrease in tardiness among students, especially during Periods 2-6. Period 1 also saw a significant decrease in tardiness. Thank you very much for your support in our efforts to consistently implement the tardy policy. Doors were locked at the appointed time and students were sent to the office if they did not have a tardy slip. Different staff members and students have commented that many students are now planning their trips or walking directly to class. Even on the day we had 31 substitutes, the reamined consistently lower than the previous Friday and on par with the other days of the week. Dr. Janney commented that very few students were out in the hallways during class (and those who were out had hall passes--yes!).

Let us continue with our consistency. The administrators and campus assistants need your assistance. As we enter the second week of implementation, we will continue to implement tardy sweeps every period. Please lock your doors after the second bell, whether there is an announcement or not. If you would also be so kind as to stand outside your door to encourage students to get to class (especially when the warning bell rings), it would be a great help in sending the message of on time arrival to class.

With all of us working together, we can set a culture of positive attendance. Thank you for your support!

Culture Corner: Transforming Classrooms Through The Power of Building Relationships

With intentional action using these strategies, relationships between students and teachers will become stronger and classrooms can be transformed.

For My Next Trick:

Be willing to explore multiple ways of presenting material throughout the year to accommodate different personalities and learning styles. Give students various opportunities and avenues to display their knowledge. They will be more engaged and will respond better to the different learning opportunities.

Spartan Events

There is nothing more that makes students prouder than to see teachers and staff at their events--whether it be academic recognition, sports competition, Fine Arts performance, or school-sponsored social event. Please take the time to support our athletes in Winter Sports--Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, Girls Soccer, Boys Soccer, Girls Water Polo, Wrestling, Roller Hockey--our musicians in the District Honor Band, our dancers in their concert, our Honor Roll students, our attendees in the Sadie Hawkins Dance. You matter to them.

For The Common Good

  • STAFF MAILBOXES: Staff mailboxes may contain information that students should not have access to. A gentle reminder that staff are expected to pick up their mail from their mailboxes in the Main Office. Students are NOT to pick up mail. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • CLASSIFIED ADVISORY COMMITTEE (CAC): I will be following up with the different classified groups to determine who their representatives are. The first CAC meeting will be set in February. Thank you to all who will be participating.
  • SAFETY CORNER: If you have any concerns about a safety hazard in your work area or anywhere on campus as a result of facilities or furniture, please let our Safety Officer, Alain Garnica-Mendoza, know either by E-mail or by personally telling him.

Effective Feedback

Every Student Succeeding Act and the Impact on Standardized Testing