Look For and Make Use of Structure

Math Practice 7

Structures and Patterns

Math contains structures that are globally understood. Distributive properties and even simple computations are the same in the US as well as Afghanistan.

As students grow in comprehensive ability the structures become more complex.

Teachers facilitate by leading discovery through example and problem-based learning.


I can see and understand how numbers and space are organized and put together as parts and wholes. Students can demonstrate through performances of understanding that can vary depending upon the type of problems involved.

Example of a Rich Task

Driving by a farm. I saw chickens and

cows. Through the fence I counted 40 legs

and 15 heads. How many chickens and

cows did I see?

A furniture maker was putting stools and

chairs together. The stools were the three-

legged kind and the chairs had four legs. If

the seats were the same for the stools and

chairs, how many of each could he make if

he had 21 seats and 72 legs?