Izzy Ville

By Izzy

Welcome to Izzy Ville!

Izzy Ville is a town that is designed to appeal for everyone and provide needs for everyone. The houses are almost in the centre of the town. The schools, universities, workplaces and shops are within walking distance. As the houses are in the centre they are close to everything and connected to the city.

Izzy Ville offers outstanding education resources. There is preschool, primary school, high school and university places where citizens go to get educated. Within schools, teachers, principals and professors can work.

There are also many other work opportunities. There is a big business district area. There is the Izzy bank where citizens can work. There are also other business areas.

For people involved in the arts there is the art gallery where artists can paint on the third floor. There is the arena and concert hall where people can perform. Citizens can audition to join the ISO, Izzy Symphony orchestra. There is also the news channel, channel 5 where news reporters, camera people and others can work.

In Izzy Ville their is a massive state of the art hospital. It can take care of all sorts of illnesses. Surgeons, doctors and nurses can work in the hospital. For other people in the field of medicine who specialise in certain areas can work in special areas. Next to the hospital is a row of buildings where specialist doctors can work. These buildings feature a doctors practise, dental practise, optical practise, physio practise and a nutritionist practise.

In izzy Ville there is the annual Izzy Cup. This is held in the arena and is a tennis cup. The roof opens up for sunlight. Sporty people can play in this as a job.

There are also places were builders and tradies can work in the construction of places. People in the food industry can work in restaurant, cafés etc or start their own business.

In Izzy Ville their are many places to sit back and relax. The leisure places consist of a swimming pool, spa, gym, massive shopping centre, a cinema, the arena, the concert hall, cafés and restaurants and the massive lake with a large path, bike path, playground and oval.

Featured places

The two featured places in Izzy Ville are the modern boardwalk and the art gallery. The modern boardwalk is a steal boardwalk that wraps around the end of the city and the lake. It has shops, restaurants and cafés around it. In the centre is a water feature which includes the worlds largest block of solid silver.

The art gallery is located underneath the channel 5 building. It is a round building. On the front of the building it is all glass until the top of the channel 5 building. On the back is a modern black and red picture that features dots. It is a very unique building in the city.