St. Columba's Primary School


We're all in this together

1 John 5:1

‘Everyone who believes that Jesus is the Christ has been born of God, and everyone who loves the Father loves whoever has been born of him.’

God, we trust that you are good and do good. Teach us to be your faithful people in this time of global crisis. Help us to follow in the footsteps of our faithful shepherd, Jesus, who laid down his life for the sake of love.

Glorify his name as you equip us with everything needed for doing your will.


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Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Carers

I would like to thank everyone for their support this week as we have moved to remote delivery of curriculum. There have only been a few minor issues and we have resolved these successfully.

Many thanks to the staff for organising and choreographing a video, "We Are All In This Together.” The video will be placed on Facebook to provide a face to face contact with our school students and families.

In response to a small number of negative emails from parents concerning their expectations on our delivery of remote lessons I would remind families of the forgotten group in the current COVID-19 climate, the school staff. All of our staff are doing a wonderful job considering that nearly half of our teaching staff are teaching from home delivering lessons to families and, at the same time, they are also required to supervise their own children’s learning at home. This is a huge load for those staff and a double up on workload that they have taken on without any complaint . I wish to thank all staff for their professionalism and competence

At this stage we do not know what Term 2 will look like with regards to attendance. The staff, next week will begin planning for possible delivery of classroom curriculum online in Term 2, just as we have done this week. If students are allowed back into school then obviously the curriculum will be face to face in the classroom. However, at this stage my personal thoughts are that the students will not be starting back at St Columba’s in Week 1 of next term and therefore remote delivery will continue.

The cut-off date to receive the Settlement Discount for fees paid in full has been extended to 30 April.

I continue to wish everyone well and my thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost their job, have had to stand down staff or had their businesses severely affected by the COVID-19 virus.

God Bless and keep safe.

Allen McMahon


We're all in this together!

We are all in this together - we thank Ms Bechelli and Mrs Govorko and ALL the staff of St Columba's for this video to reach out to our families at home. We are thinking of you!

Pastoral care support

Pastoral Care & Wellness

The wellbeing and safety of all students is central to the purpose of Catholic education and we acknowledge that healthy relationships and pastoral care are core to each child’s positive experience at school. Our schools and colleges are places where students are nurtured to grow, to belong and to be safe.

During these challenging times it is important to ensure we are looking after each other and that if you are in need of assistance or support that you reach out within our community. To do this, St Columba’s would like to provide information around how our students and families can access help.

Hilary Compos is our School Social Worker, her role is to support students and their families (letter attached below). Hilary can be reached via email on-

Wellness- optimising well being

“Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life. ... “Wellness is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Some online forums useful in regard to wellness for students and families are-

Thank you and take care.

‘We are all in this together’

Pay fees in full to receive your discount

St Columba's offers a 'Settlement Discount' on fees paid in full by 31 March, which we are extending to 30 APRIL. With all the disruption going on, we understand that some families who like to settle their accounts in full, missed the deadline. Just ring the office on 6439 9500 and payment can be made via EFTPOS over the phone.

Palm Sunday - Sunday 5 April

‘Jesus was going to Jerusalem in order to be captured. He was going there to die. He was going there to be resurrected. He was going there to bring about the first Easter.’

Many Christians living in Australia remember Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, which marks the beginning of Holy Week. This day is also on the Sunday before Easter Sunday.

He was solemnly entering as a humble King of peace. Traditionally, entering the city on a donkey symbolizes arrival in peace, rather than as a war-waging king arriving on a horse. "Hosanna" was the shout of praise or adoration made in recognition of the Messiahship of Jesus on his triumphal entry into Jerusalem, "Hosanna! Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the LORD!" It is used in the same way in Christian praise.

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Artist of the week

The Artist of the Week is Giverny from Year One. Her favourite thing on her Noisy Bear artwork was the drawing of the bear playing the violin. Giverny's favourite colour is silver and at home she likes to draw with pencils.

Musician of the week

Chloe from Year 5 is our Musician of the Week. Chloe has played the piano for four years. She currently learns piano with Jordan Moore in school. Her favourite piece of music is 'When I am Older' from Frozen 2. Her favourite performance was 'Carol of the Bells' at performing arts.

Chloe is a high voice in the school choir and the chamber choir. She enjoys cheerleading at the Leederville Loftus St Centre and likes to listen to 'Happier' by Marshmello and Bastille . Chloe enjoys doing art (spray painting) at home and watching Netflix on the weekend.

School Term Dates 2020

Term 1: Monday 3 February to Thursday 9 April

Term 2: Wednesday 29 April to Thursday 2 July

Term 3: Tuesday 21 July to Thursday 24 September

Term 4: Tuesday 13 October to Friday 11 December

Important Dates 2020

Palm Sunday - Sun Apr 5

Good Friday - Fri Apr 10

Easter Sunday - Sun Apr 12

St Mary of The Cross - Fri Aug 7

Father’s Day Breakfast - Fri Sept 4

School Open Night - Thur Sept 17

School Athletics’ Carnival - Fri Sept 18

Grandparents and Friends Celebration - Fri Oct 23

School Photos - Tue October 27 & Thurs October 29.

School Board and P&F AGMs - Tue Nov 10

Pupil Free Days 2020

Term 2: Tuesday 28 April

Term 3: Friday 3 July, Monday 20 July and Friday 25 September

Term 4: Monday 12 October

Sacrament Dates 2020 - SUSPENDED

Confirmation: Saturday 30 May at 6pm

Eucharist: Sunday 14 June at 9:30am

Reconciliation: Saturday 14 November at 10am to 11:30am