Sochi Olympics Jeopardize Athletes?

By: Dan Moreno

Will winter Olympians be safe in Sochi Russia?

The 2014 Olympics are right around the corner and people are excited to watch their country take home the gold, but some people also want to create chaos for the Olympians and there families. The only question left is, is it going to be safe to send Olympians to Russia. This is a controversial and worthy topic to talk about because it involves terrorism, patriotism and competition.

What is Vladimir Putin doing about the Olympics?

"President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, who has staked his international reputation on the success of the Games and for whom a terrorist attack would be as much a personal as a political blow, said recently that Russia would "do our best" to keep Sochi secure. In addition to forming a so-called Ring of Steel--a special security cordon for people and vehicles--in the area around Sochi, Russia plans to deploy a security force of 40,000 people and set up six missile-defense systems, among other measures". Putin is going to have militants covering the area of Sochi with 40,000 militants and have six missile defense systems. I think this is great, providing some relief for the Olympians and possibly there families. This is great news that Russia is trying to keep the Olympians safe and there families as well. (New York Times)

Statistics of Americans who believe a terrorist attack will happen at the winter Olympics.

These are statistics that Americans think what will happened at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics that are going to be held in Sochi, Russia. "Meanwhile, USA Today posted results of a Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday. Its results: 38 percent of Americans believe "somewhat likely" a terrorist attack will disrupt the Olympics; 12 percent see that possibility as "very likely". I think that this is a red flag for all the families that have children in the Winter Olympics. The fact that a total of fifty percent of Americans believe that a terrorist attack will happen is a big deal and should definitely raise an eyebrow or two. (Huffington Post)

Security at the Winter Olympics.

  • "With just more than two weeks to go before the start of the Games, Russia has gone on the offensive, trying to root out militants in the region and continuing a manhunt for suicide bombers who may already be inside the security ring". This is pretty extreme, the Militants are going around Sochi, Russia looking for terrorist bombers. This is pretty crazy especially since there might be terrorist bombers inside the militant squad looking for terrorist. With possible terrorist inside the Russian security who knows if the person next to you is a terrorist or not. You can have a traitor within your own group and wouldn't even know it. (CBS News)

Most Feared Terrorist Group in Russia!

The Black Widows are the most fear Terrorist group in Russia. If the Black Widows are in Russia at the same time as Olympic athletes are, who knows what they are going to do. Especially when they have the most prestigious athletes of the world, and in there hands. "Black widows are among Russia's most-feared terrorists. They were connected to previous terror attacks including the 2002 Moscow theater siege, the school siege in Beslan in 2004, and the attack on Moscow's subway system in 2010". I hope Russia can keep any terrorist out of the Winter Olympics, for the sake of the athletes and their families. If the only thing the athletes are going to be worried about is whether they are going to live or not, they aren't going to be focused on taking home the gold at the winter Olympics. (CBS News)

Terrorist Attacks already in Russia, Olympics will just increase those numbers.

The "Black Widows" and other terrorist groups warned Russia about attacks during the two weeks of the Winter Olympics. The Russian Officials haven't shared much with U.S officials. "Rebels in Chechnya are wreaking havoc, and at least one terrorist group has warned of attacks during the two-plus weeks of Olympic competition. As expected, Russian officials aren't sharing much with the U.S." I think that Russia should tell all the information about attacks to the U.S because if they don't some of the Olympians are going to get hurt or worse case scenario die. This is just childish that there isn't being much communication between the two countries. (Huffington Post)
Olympics 2014: US Warns Airlines About Toothpaste Tube Bombs

Olympic Athletes Are Asking Their Parents to stay Home and Watch.

These are Parents of a tripple Olympic Athlete, Tucker Fredricks. Tucker is looking out for his family because of the safety concerns in Sochi. He also doesn't want any distraction while focusing on the Olympics. "Security concerns have meant many Americans are staying away. Shawn and Dan Fredricks won't be in Sochi to watch their triple-Olympian son Tucker Fredericks compete in speed skating. there are concerns out there for security and it seems like there is something new every day, and Tucker wants to be focused, so he asked us and his wife if we would stay home and watch on TV," explains Dan Fredricks". I think that it's great that he is looking out for his family, but being in the Olympics is a big deal. If the safety concerns people, sit by an exit or an easy way out of the stadium or where ever you are. I think Tucker just doesn't want his family to get hurt, and i agree with him I wouldn't want anyone in my family to get hurt as well.

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