Tang Dynasty's Way to Power

By Tabitha Martocci

Tang Dynasty

The Tang Dynasty is one of China's greatest dynasty's that you have ever seen. Emperor Taizong is the Tang's greatest emperor. This is their history.

Tang Territory

This a picture of how much land the Tang conquered.

Emperor Taizong's Rule

Emperor Taizong was the second emperor of the Tang Dynasty. He ruled from A.D 626- A.D 649. Taizong was regared as co-founder of the Tang Dynasty along with Emperor Gaozu. Taizongs actual name is Li Shimin. Taizong also reformed the military and created law codes.

Tang Government and Religion

The tang code was based on civil statues and regulations. They believed in Confucianism. Tang ruler were against Buddhism. Tang rulers burned buddhist texts and destroyed buddhist temples and turned some into schools. When the Tang Dynasty launched The Golden Age of Buddhism ended.

Emperor Taizong

The Tang dynasty's greatest ruler.

Tang Golden Age and Achievements

Tang had woodblock printing which help them be able to carve a whole paper on a peace of wood. Woodblock Printing which allowed books to be printed in mass production. The first full length book printed was Diamond Sutra in 868. Gunpowder which the used for explosives, firearms, small bombs, fireworks, and cannons. Magnetic compass which helped them get places faster. Tang was the Golden Age of poetry. They had many great poets such as Du Fu. The worlds first porcelain was made during the Tang Dynasty. They used porcelain for many glass objects.


The Tang dynasty was a magnificent time with the Golden Age and the new glass Porcelain. Stay tuned for more
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A thin, beautiful type of Pottery.