New York

the place where dreams begin!

New york sports

In New York there are many sports like football, basketball, baseball and hockey. There is the New York Giants and the New york Jets in the NFL. There is the New York Rngers plsying in the NHL. In the Mlb New York has the Mets and the Yankees. In New York New York has the New York Knicks in the NBA.


In Syracuse thee is a lot of land there for farming. A big sport in Syracuse is lacrosse they are very good there college tesm is usally top dog in the league. This city is in the top of the state.

Empire State Building

The Empire state building a 103 story tall building in midtown manhattan, New York. Its 1,454 ft tall with the antenna on the top. It stood at the worlds tallest building for over 40 years. Its now the fourth tallest building in america and the 23rd most tallest building in the build
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In New York it can get cold but lots of good ole snow in the big apple. But a lot of playing in the snow in central park. Its very cool looking in the snow in New York.So come on down to New York and have a blast.
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