Ryan Matthew Borges


The Birth of Ryan and about his family

Ryan Borges was born on Thursday at 11:02pm April 10th, 2002. Ryan is now thirteen years old. Ryan was born in Ontario, Canada. Ryan has 2 parents, his father's name is Roberto Morais Borges and his mothers name is Catherine Jean Borges. Ryan has 1 brothers and his name is Robby he is 17 years old, he is in grade 12.

More About Ryan

Ryan's name means king in Irish. Ryan and his family are from South America. Ryan refers to himself as an Oreo sometimes because he is "Black and White". Ryan currently lives in Mississauga, Ontario. Ryan's address is 486 Meadows Blvd. I live about 5 house down from him and we are very good friends. Ryan also lived at 345 Meadows Blvd.

Interesting Things and Places Traveled

Ryan has seen many interesting things in his life and one interesting thing he saw was in Punta Cana and he saw a naked woman. Some places Ryan has traveled are Portugal, and Australia.

Academic Strengths/ Favorite Subjects

Some of Ryan's strengths and subjects are sports such as basketball and hockey. Ryan also enjoys going to band class and he is apart of the Anti-Bullying-club (ABC).

What Ryan Wants to be and Why?

Ryan wants to become a hockey player because he loves hockey and he always will. Ryan knows that he will be good at that because he plays a high level of hockey.
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Favorite things to do and not so favorite things to do

Ryan really enjoys reading and watching his favorite entertainers. He also enjoys sleeping and going out with friends and playing sports. Ryan and his friends like to go to the creek to talk and skip rocks. Ryan dislikes reading novels that are not about hockey. Ryan is happy about his life today because he is happy and healthy