Is your Health Information Credible

Helpful hints for evaluating infomation on internet!

Steps for finding a credible health website!

1. Know that anyone can post information on the internet that is true or false!
2. Look at your website URL is it .gov, .mil, .edu, .org all of which are credible sources.
3. Is the information current within the last 5 years? For example, research is changing rapidly disease process or drugs might change from the 1980's till now so make sure you are looking at the most updated information.
4.. Blogs, companies, and articles are usually one sided, there nice reading but not always the correct information. Look at the bottom for a list of sources the information is based on.
5. Look at the authors credentials? what is their degree or expertise, example doctor, nurses, nurse practitioners, etc.
6.Always Always Always back up the information with a second source.

Good health websites to try first!!!!

clink on the links below then type your topic into the search button.
Evaluating Websites