Español 2

May 9-13

2 More weeks ....

Students have been working extra hard. I love seeing them complete assignments in the course.

Just a quick reminder that all students should be done with Units 5-8. Unit 8 was due on Friday 5/6.

Units 5-8 will be open one additional week. This extra week is given to account for any sickness, field trips or any other reason why a student could not work and complete assignments on time. Units 5- 8 will close for good on Friday 5/13 at midnight.

My son has a double header for baseball on the 13th starting at 6 pm, so I will not be on my computer to answer questions.

I cannot stress how important it is that students not wait until Friday night. A lot can happen and I do not want them to run into any problems such as computer problems, Internet problems and etc ...

Please help encourage them to work hard during this week.

Final Exam

The final exam has a multiple choice portion and a final project.

This is worth 25 % of their final grade.

The final exam will open automatically once a student is done with Unit 8.

The final exam and course will close on Friday 5/20 at midnight.