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"No sin has fewer apologies than intemperance." -Lyman Beecher
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When you drink, you destroy your family, you destroy your job, you destroy your community, and you destroy yourself. Factories won't hire drunk men, and women will never marry abusive alcoholics. So why would you take a sip and have a few minutes of ease when it will only lead to a lifetime of misfortune?
“Who can calculate the extensive influence of a drunken husband or wife upon the property and morals of their families, and of the waste of the former, and corruption of the latter, upon the order and happiness of society?” - Benjamin Rush

The Danger's of Moderate Drinking- John B. Gough

Intoxicating drink is deceptive in its very nature. It reminds me of the fable of the serpent in a circle of fire. A man was passing by, and the snake said to him, "Help me out of my difficulty." "If I do, you'll bite me." "Oh, no, I won't." "I'm afraid to trust you," "Help me out of the fire, or it will consume me, and I promise on my word of honor I won't bite you." The man took the snake out of the fire, and threw it on the ground. Instantly the serpent said, "Now I'll bite you." "But didn't you promise me you wouldn't?" "Yes, but don't you know it's my nature to bite, and I cannot help it." So it is with the drink. It is its nature to bite; it is its nature to deceive.
"Intemperance weaves the winding-sheet of souls."- John B. Gough

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"Temperance is a mean with regards to pleasure"- Aristotle