Farm Animal Rights Movement

By: Keislha Perez

Our Mission!

To protect farm animals from being abused and not well taken care of.

What are we protecting?

Protect farm animals from animal cruelty.

Laws That Protect Farm Animal Rights.

ASPCA is a group of people that fight for animals and try to prevent as much animal cruelty as they can from factory farms that raise large animals for food. These farms only focus on the profit off the animals rather than animal welfare.

Community Concers.

Community supporters think these groups have made a change in the community and at Factory farms. supporters have thought about actually having some type of animal education about more humane farming methods, smart grocery shopping, and reduce consumption of animal products.

People Against Organizations.

People against the organization just dont support Farm Animal Rights at all. Some people say its not fair for us not to eat meat if a Lion can eat meat. Others say animals cannot have rights because they have no duties

Positive Effects

USDA is an organization that prepares animals for natural disarters and keeps them somewhere safe away from harm.Dozens of organizations, companies, politicians, celebrities support this organization.

Negative Effects

No Negative Effects Found.SORRY ):
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