Outsiders Soundrack

Brandon Chin (Period 7)

You Found Me (The Fray)

This song reminds me of the start of the book when we first meet Ponyboy and he gets jumped and when the gang finds him they are in shock. The lyrics "you found me lying on the floor" reminds me of when johnny talks about his back story and when he got jumped.
The Fray - You Found Me

Dear Agony (Breaking Benjamin)

This song symbolizes when Johnny is critically injured and is put in the hospital. As I was reading this section of the book I immediately thought of this song and the lyrics " Dear agony just let go of me" because of how I thought Johnny was feling.
Breaking Benjamin - Dear Agony (Lyrics on screen)

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Green Day)

This song represents when Ponyboy and Johnny run away from home to the church as a result of Bobs death and live there for a week. This song really represents being independent and alone. In addition i believe it conveys what Ponyboy was feeling at the time because of the near death experience. The lyrics '' I walk a lonely road the only road that I have ever known" shows what Johnny and Ponyboy were feeling because they were away from their family.
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Clean Version) - Green Day

Dance With The Devil (Breaking Benjamin)

This song represents when the Greasers are fighting the Soc's and how risky it is because it could potentially be lethal even if there only fighting fist to fist. The lyrics "Say goodbye as we dance with the devil tonight" is a metaphor for doing risky things that could steal your life away, such as fighting in a rumble or following Dallys philosophy of being tough and rough.
Breaking Benjamin - Dance with the devil lyrics

How To Save A Life (The Fray)

This song symbolizes how the whole gang felt after Johnny died and how they thought about what they could of done to save his life. The lyrics "where did i go wrong i lost a friend" represents how depressed the gang was and how much they wanted him back.
The Fray - How To Save A Life + Lyrics