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March 17, 2020

Community Update

There is no doubt that we are all currently trying to figure out a scenario that we never thought we would experience. The last week has brought many challenges and raised even more questions. Our school district has been working hard to answer as many of these questions as we can, while we develop a plan that will support our students and families to the best of our abilities. Starting Tuesday, March 17th the Junior/Senior High School building will be closed and staff members will be at home. If you have specific questions or needs, please communicate with teachers and administrators via email.

Included below are important updates regarding the operation of our school in the weeks ahead. Please know that this is a continually evolving situation that brings new questions each day. We will continue to provide updates when we are able to, utilizing the All-Call messenger system, email, and social media platforms. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we navigate this uncharted territory.

Staff Office Hours

In order to aide our students as much as possible while we attempt to provide instruction using distance learning methods, all staff members at Fostoria Junior/Senior High School will be holding "office hours" using GMeet every day, Monday - Friday. Each staff member will be available for at least two hours between 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. each day.

In order to access a GMeet students or families simply need to access the link provided by their instructor. Teachers will be sharing those links vial email and will also have them posted in Google Classrooms. If you are not able to locate your teacher's link, or experience other technical difficulties, you can communicate with teachers directly via email or contact Mr. Bauman (dbauman@fostoriaschools.org). This is an experimental process and we may experience issues along the way, but we are confident that through a collaborative partnership between our staff and families, this will prove to be extremely beneficial to our efforts to provide assistance in our students learning.

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Graduation - Class of 2020

Unfortunately, there have been no specific decisions made regarding changes to the graduation requirements for the Class of 2020. Below is the Ohio Department of Education's statement regarding graduation for seniors.

Ensuring that the Class of 2020 is on track to graduate is an important priority. Schools should take this opportunity to review the status of each senior to determine the extent to which the student has met graduation requirements for the Class of 2020. There is significant flexibility in the graduation requirements for the Class of 2020. It is important that schools understand the needs of each of their students and have, to the extent possible, a plan to help each student complete these requirements during the remainder of the school year, both during the closure period (as practicable) and at such time as school may resume.

Should the current situation change, the Department of Education will provide additional information. Our commitment is to provide reasonable flexibility in the interest of doing what is right for students.

The needs of our students is our greatest priority, especially for those seniors who are preparing for the next chapter in their lives. As we get more information and clarification from the state level, we will share that with families and make any adjustments necessary to give every student the opportunity to meet all graduation requirements set forth by the state of Ohio.

Student Meals During the School Closure

Fostoria City Schools will be providing meals Monday-Friday for students. These meals will be free for the students. The district is going to run two sites in town. The first site will be at Fostoria Elementary, and the second site will be across town at the bus garage (402 E. Fremont St.). It is our hope that we will be able to reach more families by having multiple locations. The following information will help to explain the process for the pick-up of the food.
• Meals are available Monday through Friday and will start Monday, March 16th.
• Meals are for students 18 and under.
• The meals will be a sack lunch and then breakfast for the next day.
• Pickup times will be between 11:00-1:00 at both locations.
• A student must be in the vehicle when you pick up the meals for verification purposes.

We ask that you utilize the following link to select a location as well as identifying how many students will need a meal provided: https://forms.gle/5xr5gu9QgZqcjEs58

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Unemployment Benefits

It was recently announced that Governor Mike DeWine issued an executive order that expands flexibility for Ohioans to receive unemployment benefits during Ohio's emergency declaration period. Unemployment benefits will be available for eligible individuals who are requested by a medical professional, local health authority, or employer to be isolated or quarantined as a consequence of COVID-19, even if they are not actually diagnosed with COVID-19. Additionally, if an employer lays off employees due to the loss of production caused by the coronavirus those employees will be eligible for unemployment benefits. The waiting period for eligible Ohioans to receive unemployment benefits will be waived.

If you would like to learn more about, or apply for, unemployment benefits please click the link below.


Student Discipline

Students who were scheduled to serve Out of School Suspension, In School Remediation, or Wednesday School will return to school when permitted by Governor DeWine. Unlike a typical calamity day, students will not be required to serve those assigned days after we return to school. We recognize that the next 3 weeks will be a significant amount of time away from school, and if students are permitted to return on April 6th, we would like all students back with us and in their classrooms.

We Will Be There For You!

We cannot express enough how disappointed we are for all the students across the country who are being impacted by the shut down of schools and can only imagine the range of emotions everyone is experiencing. It is important to continue to communicate and collaborate over the next several weeks!

At the start of this year we emphasized the importance of being Stronger TOGETHER! While we may not be able to be together in physical proximity, we CAN be together in spirit and through an aligned focus on what is most important, which is the health and well-being of our students, staff, and community! We will only be an email, GMeet, or Facebook message away if you need help of any kind.

We cannot wait to see you all again! WE are Redmen!! Stronger TOGETHER!!!

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