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Dental health during pregnancy

Maureen Muoneke provides tips on dental health during pregnancy

This is an important time for the upkeep as well as commencing of good oral cleaning informs Dr. Maureen Muoneke MD. It is necessary additionally to dispel the particular misconception involving “no dentist throughout pregnancy”

Pregnancy is a time when there are plenty of variations in the hormonal balance inside the pregnant mommy, there are various biological changes which includes increases within liquid and blood amount may lead to dental caries & periodontal disease.

1. Pregnancy may be adversely afflicted with poor dental health. It is important to receive essential dental care & treatment anytime during pregnancy. Females must also obtain a scheduled cleaning at least one time while being pregnant

2. It's okay to receive XRays that are essential for the diagnosis & treatment of dental problems while being pregnant, this should only be completed if required, and with the safe usage of proper shieldings.

3. It's okay to make use of Non-NSAID analgesics including acetaminophen; narcotics can be employed if required, this will should be prescribed by either your dentist or perhaps obstetrician.

4. Certain Antibiotics can be employed in pregnancy, eg amoxicillin, your dentist must clear the utilization of such antibiotics along with your obstetrician.

5. Local sedation can be used during dental work to reduce ache. Your dentist understands what kind along with doses to make use of.

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