Michelle Colte

Librarian, Hale Kula Elementary School

About Me

Library Media Specialist helping students & teachers explore, create and share their knowledge beyond the walls of the classroom.

Why I love being an elementary librarian...

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Michelle Colte

Michelle recently adopted the job title "Daring Discoverer" after attending Angela Maiers' session, Passion & Lynchpin, at the Schools of the Future Conference. Of course, as is typical of passion driven people, Michelle spent hours analyzing and justifying which Passion Profile Archetype she might be:
  • Creator: "eagerly address challenges and imagine(s) potential solutions"
  • Discoverer: "combine(s) logic and linear thinking with intuition and plan ways to carry out their discoveries or achieve innovations"
  • Transformer: "identifies and embraces possibilities for improvements"
After seeing herself in a little of each archetype (all 10), Michelle settled on "Daring Discoverer" for her ability to expose students and teachers to new technologies that help them navigate, analyze and collaborate with multimedia.


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