The Best 3 Hours

By : Heidi Silva

Narrative Writing

The best day of my life started with Elaine, Aubee, and I chillin in my room when the phone started ringing. I answered it and a person said you have won 10,000 dollars. I started screaming so I told Elaine and Aubree then they started screaming. We all felt so happy and excited. The person that called said to meet them at the store to receive the money. After the person told us that, we got dressed as fast as we can and rushed to the car.

We got to the store we saw the person standing by their car. Then I get out of my car I walk up the person. The person who gave the money to me was a girl named Ashley and she worked at WIN MONEY ! Then she said “ You have 3 hours to spend your money so have fun!” So when i get to the car Elaine, Aubree, and I think of what we can do with the money. We feel so happy.

So the first thing I do with the money is get a Iphone for myself. When I got my phone we all started taking selfies. Then after I take my friends and I to eat and the place was Fancy Fries. The fries there were so delicious “yummmmy” . We ate a lot of fries. When we were done eating fries we got some ice cream. After we were done with our ice cream we were super full.But it was worth it because everything was so so good.

When we were done with all of that we went to Six Flags. We got on almost every ride. We were having so much fun. We only had a few more minutes before we had to leave. Then when we got on one ride It was really high and when we were at the top and Aubree started screaming “AAHHHH”. It was really funny. Also on the ride Super Man we almost threw up all the fries and ice cream.

Then we only had ten minutes left and I was trying to get a year pass from Six Flags. But just when it turned to two minutes we got there. I was so relieved and happy. So this was my crazy awesome adventure. What has been the best day of your life?