Screen time VS Real time

In the evolution of technology, impact on younger children.


As the world becomes more advanced with its technology, so does the younger generation. The performance rate of a child using technology has rapidly improved, compared to the last 50 years, but is this so much a good or bad issue?

What is Screen-Time?

Screen time is the term commonly referred towards younger children, this is the amount of time taken when using technology with screens, this includes TV, Ipads, smartphones and etc.

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Types of Screen technology

Positives and Negatives of Screen-time


Screen-time plays a crucial role in effective development of a child. In the age of technology, screens are now a efficient source of learning for children. It is very easy to adapt to for a child of any age, whilst also provided much comfort for busy parents. Some parents may think that technology is a life saver, as it is a great distraction for their child when their making a scene. Parents also think that technology can help a child's development. Watching TV, gives children the opportunity to understand the world around them through real life scenarios in different shows like Sesame Street.


With the right balance of screen time and real time, a child is able to experience a breath of fresh air. Parents may feel held down as screen time only creates more disruption in the family household. Every Child needs to get actively involved in activities, hence screen-time. The specific guideline of screen-time is very effective as some content of the internet is not exactly appropriate for a younger child. Children may get scared by the graphics shown , so to avoid this, screen time is used.

Healthy Screen Habits

It is important that every child has a balanced mix of both screen time and real time. When achieving healthy screen habits, is is vital that screen time does not overpower real time. Firstly. it is simple knowledge that children under the age of 2 should have no contact with any screens whatsoever. Also children between the age of 2-5 can only spend approximately one hour each day of screen time. Lastly children from the years of 5-18 years should be spending tow hours each day.

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