Occupy Wall Street

The 99% of American Citizens

"The protesters have emphasized the idea that, since the late 1900's, most economic gains among Americans have gone only to the top 1 percent of earners. 'We are the 99 percent,' became a rallying cry of the movement"

Who? What? Where? When? Why?

Who? The liberalists were the ones who protested.

What? They emphasized the unfair economic and political status in the united states. They were protesting to the wealthy whom the political and economic systems favored.

Where? They protested on Wall Street in New York, NY and in a park close to Wall Street financial district. As more attention was drawn to the protest, other protests were taken in other places.

When? 2008- This is the beginning of the movement. When frustration began to come over the lives of many citizens. They disliked the way the state and federal economy was becoming.

September 17, 2011- When the protests began.

October 1, 2011- When many of the protesters were arrested.

Protests then began to spread into other places such as Oakland, CA, London, Paris, Rome, other cities around the world and United States.

Why? They were peacefully fighting the way the lower classes was being forgotten. They also wanted the government to create more jobs.

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Additional Information

  • Claimed that these issues started in the 1900's
  • No one person led the revolt
  • Wanted corporation influence on political matters to reduce
  • They shouted about corporate greed
  • The opposing side of the revolt said "that it lacks a clear message"
  • The beginning of the revolt was peaceful but ended in quite a bit of violence

There is a similar situation going on now with Verizon. Many of the employees are going on strike. They are saying that corporate Verizon is taken an unfair majority of the profits. There way of protesting is by going on strike as a peaceful to say that there is to much economic inequality within the corporation. Problems with inequality are still going on in our country. It shows that greed is very destructive to being united. Money can bring the best and worst out of people.