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How to decorate your terrace for a house party?

It is very exciting to organise a party for friends and family. Sometimes, you don’t even need a reason to throw a party, and you can simply organise a get together so that you can meet and catch up with people. Irrespective of the occasion behind the celebration, the decoration and party ambience must be on point. You might have organized several parties in your living room or garden, but how about organising a celebration on the terrace.

If you have a spacious terrace at your home, it can be one of the best ideas to organise a party on the open terrace. By the way, New Year is just around the corner, so you can plan your New Year’s party on the terrace to make it more happening for the guests.

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Here’s a look at how to make the decorations for your terrace party:


A terrace usually offers more space and flexibility than the inside of the house for decorations and using various props and items for decorations. There is no furniture and walls which automatically offers more space. First of all, take some potted green plants such as palms and fresh flowers. It will give a very nice look to the terrace. These plant pots can be placed at the corners of the terrace.


The next decoration idea is to make use of lights. Try to make use of lanterns and string lights. The idea is to keep the lights dim and enjoy the natural moonlight. Brightly lit space won’t be as attractive. You can also make use of candles for making the terrace more attractive. Pick some artistic candle stands as they enhance the beauty of the décor. Dim lights, moonlight, and fresh air make the ambience more enjoyable.


The New Year decoration is incomplete without the balloons. For the outdoor celebration, it is the best idea to choose illuminated balloons. They will add to your décor and subtly become a part of it. The illuminated balloons come with strings with LED lights in different colours. You can also order personalized balloons online in bulk choosing from the variety of options available online.

There is so much that you can do with balloons. You can also use helium balloons for decorating the terrace. Apart from that, you can choose silver and gold balloons for making the décor more appealing.

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You can either buy lanterns or come up with your own DIY lanterns for the decoration. Make round paper lanterns in white and ivory colour as they would surreal at night on the terrace.


If you are ready to make some extra efforts, you can create a canopy of lights on the terrace. Tie some rods and fix them on either side of the terrace. Now, tie strings on them from left to right rod. Now, take some fairly lights and weave them around the strings. This would create a canopy of sorts and make the ambience spectacular.

These are some of the easy tips for decorating your terrace for the New Year’s party.