European crabs are cannibles

Why might european green crabs eat other crabs?

what is cannibalism?

Warring this a little gross. Cannibalism is when someone or animal eat the same kind of fleash as them self.

why is canniblium a thing/ why dose it happen?

So I'm guessing that when scaryer looking animals eat each other we aren't surprised. But why would they do it in the first place. Well a herbivore like a hippo may be forced to eat meat when specific nutrients aren't avaible. But that doesn't answer the question yet.

A bit to know about the green crab

The green crab etered the U.S in the mid 1800's by the ships sailing to cape cod and sprted northwards in the 1900's towards cananda (Nova Scotia).

This is cape cod

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Why should this be stopped

As you already know canniblaisum isn't a good thing and it's also not good for a diet but I think that's only for humans because if it was bad for animals they would probly die fast. Did you know if you eat the human brain then a dessize is could happen.

Why do european like to eat other crabs

European green crabs eat things they find in places such as Japan, South Africa,Autralia,North America and South America and are very aggressive and not afraid to fight. They're also territorial crab species and can out compete other carbs. So what this is showing is that when other crabs walk on there territory the green crab approaches the other crab and will try to fight and if the green crab wins then he just had a taste meal