Why do bullies bully?

By: Hassan Mahmood

Why do people bully? What's the point

Rude, impolite, pointless, disrespectful, discourteous. These are a few of the many words that describe bullying. Why do people bully? What’s the point? Bullies pick on other people to feel better about themselves.

Bullying and the types of bullying

Bullying is the repeated use of aggression by one or more people against another person or group. There are four types of bullying, physical bullying, verbal bullying, relational bullying, and cyber bullying. Physical bullying is kicking, pushing, or punching. Verbal bullying is name calling or yelling. Relational bullying is excluding or rumor-spreading. Cyber bullying is sending hurtful messages over digital devices like computers and cell phones.

Characteristics of a bully

There are some characteristics of a bully. The bully is physically stronger and they have trouble following rules. Some bullies may or may not be popular with other children around their same age. The bullies also want everyone to act how they act. Bullies usually have anger management problems or they suffered from low self-esteem. Most bullies were bullied by someone else when they were younger, so they picked on other kids when they got older.


Signs of people getting bullied

There are many ways you can tell that kids are getting bullied, here are a few. Torn clothing, a loss of appetite, a lack of desire to go to school, and mood changes.

Why do bullies bully?

Why do people bully? When you look at the behavior of bullies, it is easy to come to a conclusion that the person is simply mean-spirited and enjoys seeing other people suffer. There are many reasons why bullying occurs. Some bullies bully others because they're not good at sports or school because they feel they are not at the same level as others. Some bullies bully other people to get attention.

Stopping bullying

We must stop bullying because it is wrong on many levels. The first thing is that we must educate other people so they know what bullying is and can stop it as soon as it occurs. Another thing is that whenever anyone witnesses bullying, one should tell an elder that is trustworthy like a teacher, principal or parents. And finally, bullying can be stopped by creating a safer environment for children at school.

A lesson learned

Bullying is something that we should never do. We should stop it whenever we see it and tell other people about it. In the future, we will know about bullying so we should prevent it. Knowing this information is important to anyone who reads it. Bullies can be stopped forever.


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