The Book of Deadly Animals

Robin Kim


The Book of Deadly Animals is a non fictional book by Gordon Grice. The novel just makes you think about the world which swarms with dangerous beasts that, given the opportunity, will consume you for lunch. Some beasts are deadly because they see you as a rival or threat. According to the book, "A human may be food or consumer, as conditions dictate". Whether at a zoo or on a camping trip, we are surrounded by animals. Gordon takes readers on a tour of the animal kingdom from crocodiles to sharks, big cats to bears. This book is filled with magnificent pictures of these amazing animals which only adds on to the eminence of the book. Some basic vocabulary that would be helpful prior to reading the book would be dichotomy, carnivore, predator and prey.

After reading this book, I realized that some animals are deadly because they consider us humans rivals or threats. As a matter of fact, according to Grice, "In much of the world - the parts where people have extirpated the large native predators - the dog is the most dangerous animal except for the human being". I believe that Grice did a good job with a light-hearted style which included his personal experiences with dangerous animals. This book is filled with stories from all over the world which only makes the animals deadlier. This novel is a surprisingly entertaining way to learn at all the ways some animals might harm you. In the end, while the stories might be considered brief, they potentially serve an educational purpose which helps readers in the long run.

This book is related to the Earth part of this E.S.S class. Deadly animals are all over this earth. It is a wild world out there, but sadly also a shrinking world. The animals all over the world are unfortunately becoming closer to extinction due to the marketing of animals.For example, whales were prized for their "clean-burning oil that could be rendered from their blubber". This is because us humans are potentially the deadliest of them all. As many as 30-50% of all species are possibly heading toward extinction by mid-century.

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