Women of WW2

By: Taylor Lewis

"Women who stepped up were measured as citizen's of the nation, not as women... this was a peoples war, and everyone was in it." -Colonel Oveta Culp Hobby

My drawing is an example of how many Women joined the workforce during which World War II was taking place. It represents the many women who supported America and took over the men's jobs during this time.

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"There's work to be done and a war to be won... NOW."

Throughout this time, women were asked to all work for their families while men were called off to war. Americans used this as a great advantage because while the military was still strong, the home-front was just as strong and maintained stability. Other enemy European countries were slow to hire women, which was a disadvantage. Hitler believed women's purpose were to "be good wives and mother's and to make more babies for the Third Reich". The war gave women all over America a chance to not be just a normal housewife, but to help serve and win the war. Between 1940-1944, women employed rose from 12 million to 18.2 million. Two years after the war ended, 15.8 million women were still working. This war gave women all over the globe many more opportunities to work and be treated as equals.

During this time period, many women also joined the armed forces, called the WAAC's (Women's Auxilary Corps). Nearly 350,000 women joined the army to help fight the war. Their jobs ranged from rigging parachutes to repairing airplanes. General Eisenhower even felt that without the help of women, we couldn't have won the war.