Math Update

Week of January 18th

This Week in Math...

Our graphing unit continues this week with stem-and-leaf plots. These graphs are an effective way to organize a large amount of data. Ask your child to interpret this stem-and-leaf plot for you! We'll use stem-and-leaf plots in our upcoming statistics unit.

Fraction computation practice and remediation will also occur this week. Students will have their final quiz on Wednesday and will take the 5.6 Fraction Computation test on Friday. Study guides are due on Thursday. We've spent a lot of time preparing for this assessment. Subtracting mixed numbers is by far the area in which our students struggle the most. Below is a video from The Teaching Channel in which the lesson is taught in a very similar fashion to how our students are taught. It's also very helpful for parents. Check it out!

Math Benchmark Testing

Our second math benchmark test will be held next Wednesday and Thursday. Students will have a daily benchmark review sheet to complete as seatwork in class. At home, students can prepare by reviewing their study guides or visiting our class Blendspace page. The following topics will be tested:

5.2 Fractions/Decimals

5.3 Prime/Composite

5.6 Fraction Computation

5.13 2D Shapes

5.15 Graphing

Did Someone Say Snow?

With snow in the forecast, please know that any assessments that are planned for a snow day will be administered on the next day that school is in attendance. Homework assignments will be expected to be completed as usual and will be due when students return.

Upcoming Assessments/Important Dates

January 21: 5.6 Study Guides Due

January 22: 5.6 Fraction Computation Test; Awards Assembly

January 27-28: Math Benchmark 2 Test

January 28: Family Fitness Night

February 1: Extended Learning Begins (Math Monday/Reading Wednesday)