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About the Halfway Mark

Historical Moments in Appo Volleyball

Hi Everyone. We're about half way through the season and planning for end of season events has started. If you have pictures of your daughters in games or candid photos of them, from now or from when she held her first volleyball, please feel free to email them to Ms.AndersonAHS@gmail.com. This email address has more space than my Appo one and is able to accommodate larger files. Maybe it's easier to share it on a flash drive or on a link to a cloud storage device you may have? If it works for you, it works for me, just tell me where to find it. If you also have video, I think I may be able to figure out how to incorporate such into the end of season slide show presentation.


Ladies, you may have selfies or funny shots of your friends as well that you may want me to include in the slide show. I've seen some of your Instagram photos. You people are silly! Send these things my way. I'll figure out a use for them. They can be volleyball related or not (I believe Homecoming is this weekend), action shots, goofy shots, pics with your puppy, pics from forever ago, pics of you getting asked out to homecoming or prom in a cute and creative way, just about whatever will work.

Al's clothing should be arriving this week!!!!

Forget to Order?

I spoke with the Chief Cook & Bottle Washer for team stores at Al's, and he told me that the Under Armour pullover is still available to order for $34. This honestly I believe was the coolest thing we created. Based on the turnaround time for our current order, I would expect it to come in well after the season is over, but before Christmas, or maybe slightly sooner? Apparently we had some back order issues of which I was unaware. Just let me know if you want one or not by Wednesday of this week.

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Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, ideas., suggestions. I love the feedback and consider them all. You can follow me on Instagram @the_branderson. This is just an announcement tool, so...no followbacks. Have fun!