by Christopher Paolini

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Allagasia ,mid evil times

Main Characters

Eragon.Son of Brom,very determined. Saphira. Eragon's dragon, extremely strong. Murtagh. Brother of Eragon, hard to negotiate with. Thorn. Murtagh's dragon, very fast. Ayra. Daughter of Elf queen Islanzadi. Quick reflexes.


Beg.: Eragon and the rest of the Varden have just returned from the battle of the burning plains. Eragon must travel to Esmerthea for the very last time to complete his training with Ormis.

Mid.: Roran (Eragon's Cousin) just joined the Varden and is now helping them take cities of the empire. Roran and all of his friends are going to attack one of the biggest cities in the Empire, Dras Leona. Roran and the army are losing the battle but then Eragon come in the save them.

End: Murtagh comes out of nowhere and attacks Eragon and Ormis. They fight for a long time but Murtagh is winning. Ormis tells Eragon to go and sacrifices himself for Eragon.


The problem: Galbatorix is trying to take over all of Alligasia.

The solution: Eragon and the Varden are going to attack the capital city.


The theme or goal of the book is that Eragon and The Varden are trying to stop Galbatorix from taking over all of Alligasia.