Grade 2 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

Week 17 Christmas Term: 7th - 11th December 2015

Thank you!

We would like to thank you all for the continued support you have shown us this term. Working in unity is crucial to the children's development but also key to the unique community SJIIES has. Thank you and Merry Christmas from us all.


This week saw the end of our Treasure unit. The children now understand that 'treasure' isn't just pirate treasure but something that is precious to them, something that has artistic value to the world, a place that adds value either in a cultural, educational, scientific or beautiful way to a nation or globally. These places can be UNESCO world heritage sites. This week we have recreated Egyptian artefacts and had a fun time making masks of either Gods or Pharaohs.

Language Arts

This week has been a 'word' focus in Grade 2. We recapped the spelling rules and patterns we have focused on this year. We also carried out an assessment of the children, which will inform our teaching next term.

Please encourage your child to read regularly over the holidays. Next term the genre focus is Information Booklets. We will be encouraging the children to write about an animal of interest to them, so if they read information books on animals over the holidays, it would be beneficial to them.


This week in maths we used our prior knowledge and skills to answer word problems using the RUCSAC method. We worked systematically. Firstly we read through the question and chose the correct operation (multiplication or division) to use. Then we chose a skill (repeated addition, arrays, skip counting or fact families) to solve the problem. Our word problems were all about Christmas, they were one and two step.

Over the Christmas holidays we will need to practice recalling both our multiplication and division tables for the 2,3,4, 5 and 10, and our number bonds to 100.

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Home Learning

There will not be any home learning in the final week of term. Enjoy a well deserved break and some Christmas festivities!

Upcoming events

Grade 2 Zoo Expedition

Thursday and Friday January 14th - 15th 2016

Now would be a good time to share the zoo information you have been sent with your child and to chat about any concerns they may have about the overnight zoo trip. If your child has never experienced a sleep over before, perhaps one could be arranged to alleviate some of their worries.

Change of Date: Sports Day

Grade 2 /3 sports day will now be Tuesday 8th March.