FHS Flier Newsletter

October 2017

Notes and News

It's hard to believe October is already here and we are nearly 6 full weeks into our school year! Thank you for the many warm welcomes, the emails, invitations, and greetings as I make Flandreau my new home. Flandreau High has so many great pieces already in place, and I am committed to enhancing and improving the educational experience for our students and teachers.

What's New at FHS:

* FHS now has a student run Podcast that will be published each Friday. Head to the district website to listen in!

* (Some) Senior Privileges will begin 2nd Quarter - this is earlier than previous years! Information regarding this will be delivered to Seniors on October 2nd.

* Congratulations to our Homecoming King, Kaine Pelton, and our queen, Kathy Parsley!

* Shout-out to our September Spotlight Students, John Eng and Hope Brennan!

* FHS is hosting a college and career fair on October 24th - with a special meeting for parents and students who need information on FAFSA. This meeting will be held at 6pm in the lunchroom.

* We heard you! More communication is headed your way! Sign up for the FHS text messages! No account required, no personal information (other than your name) will be shared; see the picture at the bottom of the newsletter for instructions.

Wanted: Old Flier shirts! Looking for a variety of styles throughout the years. These shirts will not be returned to the original owners, so please only donate if you are ready to part with it. Drop any donations off to the high school office.

This Month's Events

District Event Calendar: https://www.flandreau.k12.sd.us/Page/10

Highlighted Events:

October 2nd - Custodian Appreciation Day - we LOVE our custodians!

October 5th - 2:30pm student release

October 5th - Parent-Teacher Conferences 4:00pm - 8:30pm

October 6th - Parent-Teacher Conferences 7:30am - 10:00am

October 16th-20th - College and Career Spirit Week (details to come)

October 20th - End of Quarter One

October 23rd - Senior Privileges begin

October 24th - College and Career Fair (Open to Public from 4-7pm)

October 24th - FAFSA Webinar at 6pm

October 27th - No school for students - Staff In-service

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From the Handbook...a look at the Attendance Policy

Public schools are legally bound to hold students and their parent(s) accountable for school attendance. In accordance, a letter will be sent home after a student has five absences, and again when he/she has nine absences. At that point, the school begins the formal truancy process which may eventually require the assistance of the State's attorney.

What happens if...?

My child has a doctor's appointment or is very ill? Any absences that require a visit to a doctor can be considered medically excused; simply bring in a doctor's note stating the date/time of the appointment and how long your child is exempt from attending school.

My child has 8 or more absences in a class? Saturday School is offered every weekend. Attending Saturday School essentially acts as a credit towards a student's attendance. Can't attend Saturday School? There are after school options; see Ms. Herzog for details.

My child has 14 or more absences in a class? If your child has 14 or more absences, it is likely he/she will not earn credit for that class, meaning he/she will have to retake that course the following year. Attending Saturday School is essential in preventing loss of credit!

My child is tardy to school or class? Students with 3-5 tardies are assigned a 30 minute detention. A student will be assigned detention when he/she hits 3 tardies, another 30 minutes when he/she has 4 tardies, and another when he/she has 5 tardies. A student who has 6-9 tardies is assigned Saturday School (one Saturday School session is assigned for each tardy between 6-9), and beyond 9 tardies a student will be assigned to a day in the Alternative Learning Room (in-school suspension). Students are given written notice of this and have one week from the receipt of the notice to serve the detention/Saturday School or to make arrangements with Ms. Herzog. The same notice plus an attendance record is also sent to parents via mail.

My child is assigned detention/Saturday School and can't attend? Ms. Herzog is very flexible as long as a student makes the effort to talk to her about making other arrangements. Not serving the time without talking to Ms. Herzog will result in additional consequences.

Did you know that you can keep track of your child's attendance via the Infinite Campus portal? For more information, please contact Brenda at the district office or Nancy at the high school office.

For more information, see pages 6&7 in the Student Handbook

Contact Ms. Herzog

Have questions? Need to share something with our school community? Have a student or staff member you want to give a shout-out to? Contact me!