Pinkerton in Space

BY: Stu Wheeler

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Movement in space

Everything in space has movement in some way, shape, or form. Theres many ways that things in space move and here are some examples.

Even though it might not seem like it stars move slightly up and down. The movement isn't very big at all and we can't even notice it from earth but scientist have found out that stars move up and down slightly or almost “wobble”.

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ZigZag Movement

In space there's many objects that move in a Zigzag movement. One example are the satellites around our earth. The satellites orbit around our earth and stay in orbit because of gravity. At certain points the gravity will pull it in a little more and at other times slightly have less gravity acting upon it causing it to move in a almost zigzag motion. Furthermore the light rays emitted from the sun and stars in space move in a zigzag motion when the travel to earth and to our eyes.

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Movements referring to our Earth

Our earth moves in TWO different ways with one of them being REVOLVING around the sun. Our earth revolving around the sun is one of the reasons the 4 seasons happen spring, summer, fall, and winter it’s also the reason we have years.

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Other movement of our earth

Furthermore along with the earth revolving around the sun the earth also simultaneously rotates on an imaginary axis. The earth rotation on this axis causes the days and the reason why we have sun light and darkness every day.

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Movement in Space Video!

As you begin to learn more and understand, movement in space:

Here’s a video, showcasing radical space in movement :)

While simple, to the native eye, the science behind space is a magic that fascinates scientists around the entire globe.

The movement of the stars ( TIME LAPSE)