everything from the past to the future, lara welter


-the first apple computer was super new and very popular when it first came out because it had 13 fonts and many things other computers didn't.

-the older computers didn't have internet and you need a floppy disk to do anything.

-the only thing you could really do was play games, they also had no mouse so all you could do was type

-before giving it a demand you have to hint print first

-when the internet came out it was one of the biggest things to happen in that generation


present and future

-now looking back on it we laugh at how much it has changed and how its helped in so many was by finding so many things

-no computers look like that anymore they are much thinner and easier to turn on and use without annoying noises.

-every thing is on computers now and less and less of school work is on paper

-its made everything easier to talk to others and to grow businesses