Mammoths Make a Impact

Mammoths bones have been found and have surprising news

Mammoth Enviroment

We have appeared to find bones of a extinct creature.The bones were found in desert.Scientist think that the area was once a grassland.Then a mudslide came and wiped the mammoths out in the area.Then it stop raining and became a desert.We are continuing to dig around where the bones were

Mammoth Stuff

Scale model

1 Feet No Bones

2 Feet No Bones

3 Feet No Bones

4 Feet No Bones

5 Feet No Bones

6 Feet Bones

7 Feet No Bones

8 Feet No Bones

9 Feet Bones

10 Feet No Bones

Basically,there were bones found at 9 feet and at 6 feet.We hope to find many more bones in the future and be able to learn a lot more of these extinct animals

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