Harleton Elementary

We are aiming for Excellence!

A Note From Mrs. Traci

I cannot believe that we are about to finish our third six weeks! Our students are getting ready for Christmas break and all the joy that brings. We are having several fun Christmas activities at school during the next two weeks.

We will be celebrating Christmas with the students in several ways: On Friday, Dec. 9th we are having Santa's Workshop. All students will be participating in Christmas crafts and activities. (This is taking place of Community Christmas.) We are having Polar Express Day on Thursday, Dec. 15. Students may wear pajamas to school on that day. They need to wear regular school shoes because they will still be going to PE and recess. On Friday, Dec. 16, we will be having Christmas parties in the classrooms. You will be receiving notes from your teachers with information.

Please remember school begins at 7:40. The first bell rings at 7:35. The tardy bell will ring at 7:40. Your child will need to be in class and ready to learn at that time. We will open the doors to the elementary at 7:20. If a child arrives after 8:00 am they will not be served breakfast. The kitchen begins to prepare for lunch as soon as breakfast is served. If you are tardy, please make sure they have breakfast with you.

Morning Drop Off- We have been working on making this as smooth a process as possible. Please help us by following these procedures:

1. When turning into the school parking lot, please pull into the lane that is shorter.

2. Do not drive in the center lane until your student has gotten out of the car.

3. Junior high students must exit their cars at their crosswalk.

4. Elementary students must exit with an adult in front of our building.

5. If you need to complete anything before your child exits the car, please pull into a parking space. We must keep the lines moving in order to not block Highway 154.

Working together, I know we can make mornings a less stressful event. Thank you for your help with this process.

Dress Code - Jackets and coats are showing up in our lost and found. Please put your child's initials on the tag. This would help us narrow down the owner tremendously. Also if a girl wears leggings, the shirt must come below the hips.

Upcoming Dates...

Dec 13-14 - Six weeks tests are given

Dec 13 - Fire Drill

Dec 15 - Polar Express Day- Regular school day

Dec 16 - Christmas Parties

Dec 16 - Early Release at 11:40

News You Can Use

Remember your child is only allowed one charge at breakfast and one at lunch. You can call the office and talk to Mrs. Dusty and find out how to pay online.

Please remember to check your child's folder or planner daily for notes or papers.

We lock the front double doors at 7:40 each morning so if you need to come see us (which we love for you to do) remember to come to the glass door and push the button so we can buzz you in. As soon as you push the button grab the door handle and pull.