Girls Aginst Boys

Why can't girls play on boys sports teams

By Cassie Ahearn

Everyone watch out! She's coming in for the kill! Well maybe not the kill, but today more and more girls are seen playing on boys teams. Weather it's football, soccer or even, wrestling, girls competing on boys teams is more common than you think. And girls on boys teams allow girls to have an exciting experience and doesn't have a negative effect on either gender.

Prior to and after puberty females and males should be able to play together on coeducational sports teams. Athletics is not a zero sum environment were the participation a single girl on the boys team comes at the expense of loss of participation on the girls team. (Should my daughter play for a girls team or a boys team) Meaning, that when a girl wants to play on a boys team it should be looked at as the boys team gaining a member not as the girls team loosing a member. According to "Should my Daughter Play for a Girls team or a Boys" girls should have opportunities opened for them. "Opening boys teams to girls should be viewed as opening opportunities for girls" In conclusion, girls should be allowed to play on male teams at all times.

Allowing girls to compete on boys teams doesn't always have a negative effect on boys and girls. "Research demonstrates that girls who compete with boys are more resilient in life" (giving girls a supporting chance) When a girl plays with boys if they cry they will most likely be kicked off the team because they weren't being tough enough. So teaching girls resilience could be helpful. According to "Should my daughter play for a girls team or a boys team" competition should be based around skill and experience not by gender. If a girl has been playing soccer her whole life and she is better than most of the boys on the boys team the only reason she can't play on the boys is team because she's a girl. Those are some of the reasons why girls should be allowed to play on boys teams.

There are now professional Full Contact sport for women like the National Women's Football League (NWFL). (Giving Women a Supporting Chance) There has been women to try out for the NFL before but no women has ever made the team. But now they can try out for their own leagues. The NWFL has even begin a program for girls in high school to play football. (Giving Girls a Supporting Chance) For most boys, playing on a girl centered team is an exciting experience. According to the movie "she's the man" starring Amanda Bynes, Viola dresses up like her twin brother when the high school girls soccer team is cut. The boys coach did not want any girls on his team. Viola soon revealed she was a girl and all the boys still decided to keep her on the team aside from her gender. This shows when boys are accepting of girls on their team girls can achieve more.

Girls on boys teams can cause boys to loose their self confidence when loosing to a girl. Although some boys can loose some self esteem loosing to a girl, many individuals on the teams learn how to work together overlooking the gender helping with life skills. In conclusion, having girls on boys teams can help both genders overcome obstacles in the future.

Allowing girls to participate on boys teams doesn't have a negative effect on either gender that's participating in the sport. This provides girls with more after school activities, allowing them to stay fit. Call, text, email, your coach today. Let the girls play!