Social Media is Guilty Of...

Social media is affecting our world in many ways.



The social media is a growing industry with facebook, twitter, instagram, and snapchat to name a few. Many people, like me, are using it to their advantage, like texting family members in different states or asking a friend what the homework was. I think that this was a revolutionary advancement. We rely on social media for everyday purposes, for example our alarm clock. Some people, abuse this privilege. Did you know that “Texting while driving is more deadly than driving under the influence of alcohol. Tests show that drivers' braking distances are much worse while texting than being legally drunk, and texting while driving is seventeen times more dangerous than talking on a cell phone.” Says Michael Fumento in "Texting and Driving Is More Risky than Driving Under the Influence." Texting and driving is so scary because even if you aren’t texting and driving the driver in front of you might be, and my life could be taken away from me by another person’s careless mistake. Social media is guilty of murder.

There are three solutions to this problem. A little thing can go a long way. If you are texting someone and you know they are driving then stop texting them.This might be a little thing but it might save someone’s life. Another solution could be robot controlled cars. You might be thinking that it is far away in the future but, I actually saw one at a car show. So this is in our near future. The last solution is for the phone to realize when the user is moving at a certain pace and then stop them from texting. This might sound very extreme but it will get the job done. Another thing about this is that the technology is already here we just need to use it properly. We would need to put a gps and there is a built in speedometer in the gps that will look and see if the user is going more than a certain speed. This will not only stop texting and driving but will also stop kids texting in the car and their grammar problems will lessen. In conclusion I think that we should make our smartphones smarter and create a better and safer world.


It seems like almost everyone uses some form of social media these days, it has taken over the lives of many teens and young adults. Social media is used daily, on twitter alone, 500 million tweets are sent daily. Social media is very useful in many cases, it allows family and friends to share memories, ideas, and more. However, in some cases, social media can be harmful to the grammar of the users. People using social media have become lazy, and they have basically created a different form of english. Abbreviations like “LOL” for laugh out loud, “BRB” for be right back, and TTYL for talk to you later are used more than the actual words. Another thing users have changed is the spelling of certain words to make it easier for themselves. For example, “b” instead of be, “y” instead of why, “u” instead of you, and many more. All of these changes to the way people talk on social media would be fine, if they kept it on social media. Instead, these abbreviations and words are spilling into school work, job applications, and work. The social media language is not acceptable in the normal world, especially in serious documents like a essay for school, or a college or job application. An example of the social media language spilling into normal life is in the article “Mind Your Social Media Grammar, It Could Cost You a Job”, "@Bobcollymore. I'd lyk a job at Safaricom. Am a graduate n I'll b happy 2 commence at a position of ua own discretion." Some people, like me, are good at drawing a line between their social media language, and their school/work language, but many more people are not. Social media is guilty of weakening some user’s grammar and spelling. However, there are a few ways to fix these grammar mistakes in social media.

There are so many grammar mistakes caused by social media, but they can be fixed. One way that these grammar errors can be fixed is if social media applications started to block messages that contain the slang that social media has developed. If someone tried to send a tweet that said “Y did the chikn cross the road? 2 get 2 the othr side! LOL” twitter could block that message, since it contains “y”, “chikn”, “LOL”, and many other improper grammar mistakes. Messages could be blocked by programming a platform that recognizes certain words or slang terms and stop the message from sending. This might be frustrating for the users at first, but after a while, the users will stop trying to use “Y”, “chikn”, “LOL”, and the rest of the language since they know the application will deny it. In the end, this would completely eliminate the social media language from both social media and serious situations in real life. Another solution could be to have more school and homework because the students would learn more and realize that they can’t be on their phone all of the time. Also the kids shouldn’t be aloud to use their phones in school so that would also lessen the usage of social media. Through these solutions I feel that the social media language could be fixed, leading to people’s language in real life to also be fixed. Looking at all of the problems social media causes, social media is guilty of weakening the user’s grammar.


Social media has its benefits and we need to use them. We need to stop using social media to our disadvantage and to others disadvantage.


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