The Renaissance

By Nya Bennett

Social Structures

Family members values were very important to one another.Each person in a household had a role.The fathers was the head of the household,for which he managed the finances and the decisions of the household.The role for the mothers were to help the kids with school and to clean up around the household.The children had to do whatever their fathers would tell them to.All together the family worked to help one another out such as running businesses or family farms.There was little opportunity for poor men and women to be educated.
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Political Structures

The Renaissance was a Hierarchy which separated the people into four different social classes(the nobles,the merchants,the middle class,and the unskilled workers).The nobles were people who owned most of the land and big businesses.They showed the merchants little respect.The next class are the merchants and they are the newly rich who gained wealth.They often would try to marry into the nobles.Then,there is the middle class.Most shopkeepers and other professions were part of the middle class.Lastly,the unskilled workers and peasants were at the bottom of the class.They mostly worked in agriculture and other little jobs they could get.
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Interaction Structures

During the Neolithic Era, humans began to develop agriculture and use tools and weapons.The people growing crops led to a better interaction between the people and the environment.

Culture Structures

During the Renaissance,most people were Roman Catholic Church.Art,literature,and education was very important during this time period.Leonardo Da Vinci,Michelangelo,Raphael and Donatello were some of the most famous painters during this time period.Their paintings are all over the world till this day.One english poet and playwright to come out of the Renaissance was William Shakespeare.He was famous for Romeo and Juliet,Macbeth,and Hamlet.

Economic Structures

During the Renaissance,merchant traded goods by land and sea.Most common goods that was traded were cinnamon,grain,and etc.Trade was important because it helped make merchants wealthier.The people used gold as their currency.
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