"Mal", the malnourished car

Only Mal has the best gas mileage in the world

The most perfect imperfect car for your family!

Mal's engine is very ill hearted, but with a couple tweaks and minor repairs it'll be working just like new! She has forgiving air bags all around, so the kids' saftey will be one less issue to worry about. When you look past the engine problems, Mal's a real useful car. She is a very spacious car ready to transport whatever comes through her path! Everyone wants to buy her, now's your chance!

Why is Mal so special?

In 1978, scientists tried to develop a new kind of car paint- one that measured the weather and changed color with the weather. But instead of changing with the weather, the paint changed with meal times. Yellow for breakfast, orange for lunch, and red for dinner. On Sundays, instead of turning yellow it would turn into a light orange to represent brunch. The scientists were malcontent, so they stopped production of the paint. Mal the malnourished and Patty the plump were the guinea pigs for the experiment, and was handed to me and one other person as a raffle prize. Mal and Patty are the only two meal telling cars in the world. You can become the owner of a special car!

A little about Mal

Mal has been an amazing car. She has supported my family for years and years. Mal is a family friendly car, and deserves the best. Mal has a diesel tank. Her engine may be capricious, but she is a real keeper. Mal was there for my firsts and lasts.

Why buy Mal when you can get a newer Volkswagen van?

Mal is better than ALL of the other Volkswagen vans because her chairs are memory foam, to make your driving experience a delight! In the back I have installed a working fridge in the back, so your kids will never be hungry in the car! Mal is also considered a vintage car. Who wouldn't want a safe, family friendly, vintage car?!