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Order and Operation

Hi Divas!!
As you know we just had our first meeting, It was a lot of fun we got a lot of things done but there is a lot more we need to do. As VP I will be putting together a meeting for the officials to thoroughly go over order and operations, once we have a clear view of whats in order and what steps need to be taken to get there I am more than confident that things will begin to fall in place. I must say it was nice to get to meet every one we are a STRONG group! All of the ladies brought forth a lot of ideas, excitement & passion and that's what we need to build and maintain an active organization. We have a mission statement created by our founder Mary Trice if you have not read the whole statement please take time to do so. At the first meeting we collected money for the shirts ($10) if you were unable to make the first meeting please get in contact with either Mary, myself, or Kim (treasurer) as to how we can meet up to get that done. The T-shirt crisis has to be resolved asap, regardless of what kind of shirts we decide we need to be placing an order within the next two weeks. This is our first group decision and we want to make sure every voice is heard and every opinion is appreciated and respected. Last but not least! There are a couple of calender events in effect already! If you attended the meeting you received a handout but if you missed the meeting our secretary Shawntae Hill posted them on our facbook page. I want to end this letter by saying Thanks to all of you for your support and dedication without each and everyone of us we wouldn't have made it this far!! Lets continue to be great and make things happen in a positive way !!

Diva Mors VP
Jerolyn "Jaye" Hamer
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