The Lending Library:

New Books. Now.

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Are there books that you want to read and our library does not have them? Waiting for that next book in the series and can't wait to read it? Want the newest books for free?

Then continue reading for how to participate in our Lending Library Program!

How It Works?

Beginning the week of February 1st-February 5th come to the Media Center and sign up for two books you would like to read from the Person County Library Catalog.

On Tuesday, February 9th come to the Media Center and pick up your books. You will be able to borrow these books for two weeks. On Tuesday, February 23rd bring your books back to the Media Center.

But Remember...

You will be responsible for the books that you check out. If you lose misplace, or damage your books you will be held accountable!

The Lending Library Program Kicks Off On Monday, February 1st, 2016