Death causes and customs

By Andres Beteta and Nikhil Shah


Death Causes

Death reached into all the corners of life, all ages, not just the old. 1 in 10 children died in their first year of life due to diseases, such as bacterial stomach infections, intestinal worms, contaminated food and water, and carelessness from the society.

Epidemics accounted for a large proportion of deaths, killing thousands of people in a matter of months. Epidemics included, diphtheria,influenza, measles, pneumonia, scarlet fever, and smallpox.

Native American wars, such as the Pequot War in 1675, killed a larger percentage of the population than any later war in American History.



Faith was incredibly important for the Puritan society, making it's way in almost every aspect of their lives. They were very discriminatory in their society, not allowing people with different forms of Christianity to live in their civilizations. Their common unity allowed them survive in prosperity.


Each church and person was individually responsible to God. They emphasized conversion and not repression. Their spiritual bond made them sympathetic to one another, even though they lived in a foreign land. The New Testament was their model for their religious practices.


Political Customs included in the Puritan Community include a representative government and that the church elect a reverend. There experimentation with democracy sets the backbone of our government system.


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