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February 2016

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Upcoming Events

  • Feb. 1-5 National School Counselor's Week
  • Feb. 3 Chancey vs Wilder 4:00 @Chancey Quick Recall
  • Feb. 5 Chancey vs Chenoweth B-Ball 6:00 Westport Middle
  • Feb. 5 PTA Sponsored Teacher Appreciation Lunch (Food items needed see below.)
  • Feb. 10 Chancey vs Klondike 4:00 @Klondike Quick Recall
  • Feb. 12 Chancey B-Ball Playoffs Begin
  • Feb. 17 Chancey vs Middletown @Chancey Quick Recall
  • Feb. 18 SBDM Meeting
  • Feb. 19 Princess Night 6:30-8:30
  • Feb. 20 RoboRumble @Ramsey Middle
  • Feb. 29 Parent/Teacher Conference Day 4:00-7:30pm
  • Mar. 1 Parent/Teacher Conference Day 4:00-7:30pm
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If you are able to help by donating food please send an email to Summer Bliss at Thanks so much!

Chancey Watch D.O.G.S. Needed

We Need You, Chancey Dads!!!!! Please sign up for Chancey Watch D.O.G.S.!!! Dads of Great Students

Last year was a successful year for Chancey Watch D.O.G.S.!! We still have many dates available for dads to volunteer. If you you were unable to be a Watch Dog last year, this is your year!!!! If you were a Watch Dog last year, we need you to sign up for this school year. We need one day or even half of a day. Our students need positive male role models present and visible. Donating your time may seem small, but for a Chancey Cardinal, your presence means a lot! If you have not previously filled out a criminal background check, you may complete one online here.

If you have already filled out the criminal background form online, then you are ready to sign up for your Watch D.O.G. day!! Click the link below to sign up.

Want to order an official Watch D.O.G. t-shirt? Go to the D.O.G.S. store.

The articles below were written by Chancey's Journalism Club.

by Hannah Tadatada & Jadyn Rowe

The fifth grade is so excited for our field trip to JA Biztown! At JA Biztown, we all have different jobs. Anniah from Mrs. Ballard’s class is the CPA of the T.V./Technology Center. Ella from Ms. Lotze’s class is a professor at a college and Shayla will be the drink manager.

JA Biztown is a city run by kids, which is way better than a city run by adults. JA Biztown even has a mayor, who is Derrick Spratt from Ms. Celani’s class. We are going to have an amazing time at JA Biztown!

Problem Solving

by Lara Salloum

What is Problem Solving? In Problem Solving you have an hour and a half, to read a passage that teachers/judges give you. In the passage, you have to find the main problem and solve it. Once you solve the problem, you have to make a skit to be preformed and the judges will score it. The team with the best score wins.

Here are some students’ opinions about this year’s problem solving team:

Lena Spiller: says her favorite part is acting out the solutions and making ideas up for the skit that we are going to act out. This year she thinks that her team is going to win and she has been doing this for 3 years. She thinks the teachers are awesome!

Phillip Kristiansen: says his favorite part is solving problems now, so when he grows up he can he can solve bigger problems and he enjoys making the skit funny. This year he thinks his team will get 1st or 2nd place, he has been doing this for 3 years.

Ginger: says her favorite part of problem solving is that students get a certain amount of materials to use for skits. This year she thinks her team is going to get 2nd place, she has been doing this for 2 years.

Maker Space Fun!!!!

by Hannah Tatatada

What is Maker Space? Maker Space is a place for Chancey students to build creations and then play with them. So, who is in charge of Maker Space? Mr. Peirce is the teacher of Maker Space. Is it a class or club? Maker Space is a club that kids go to everyday for six weeks.

Maker Space creators, Carter Chapman, Gaven Mitchell and Maria Salloum have been working on a dome inside a space station. The dome happens to be made out of paper products. In other news, Zamil Abbas has been working on a robot to use in a competition. Zamil’s goal for the robot is to have it pick up fuzzy balls and drop them into a bucket. Shayla Wheeler is working on making a movie with stop-nation.

Hailey Jotson, Alexis Decker, Sydney Carronto and Kendall Brown have been working on a marble run called Chaos Towers. They built towers with chains and cups so marbles could travel along the run. These are just a few of the fun things going on in Maker Space.

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Playoffs and Super Bowl 50

by Jesse Sanchez

Its time for the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl 50! I like the Bengal’s, but they are out thanks to the Pittsburg Steelers. The Seattle Seahawks lost to the Carolina Panthers which was my predication. Lastly, the Broncos beat the Patriots in the playoffs. Now, the Broncos will meet the Panthers in Super Bowl 50 on February 7, at 6:30 p.m. I can’t wait!

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Should Chancey Elementary Have A Baking Club?

by Brandy Johnson

Many kids love to bake, but don’t have a chance because of supplies and time. I think that Chancey should have baking club and I would definitely be a member. Since kids need to be old enough to work in the kitchen safely, only fifth grade students could join the club.

The ladies who work in the cafeteria could run the club along with parent volunteers. The club could meet on Friday’s in the cafeteria after school from 4-5:30 p.m. All of the baked goods made and sold could help with buying items needed for the club. Also, baked items could be sold at basketball games and during lunch in the cafeteria.

It would be like an all year long bake sale! We could also use the money raised to create more fun after school clubs, like dance club or a football team. Baking helps kids with school since measuring ingredients is math, mixing ingredients is science and reading labels is obviously, reading. These are the reasons why we should have baking club. I hope we can make a baking club for the school we all love!

Metro Council District 17 Town Hall meeting

Tuesday, Feb. 16th, 6:30pm

9900 Brownsboro Road

Louisville, KY