Deadliness Under The Sea

The Splash of Crime

Did you know that the killer whale has really thorny teeth that are 4 inches long? The great white shark also has very spiny teeth, but they are not as long as the killer whale’s teeth. The killer whale is also at the tippy top of the food chain, so it’s an excellent hunter. This also means it has no known enemies. If a great white shark and the killer whale were to get into a deadly fight, the killer whale would definitely crush the great white shark. The killer whale’s size and bones, in addition to its sharp teeth, give it a huge advantage over the great white shark.

The Big Bad Bull

The killer whale is bigger than the great white shark. The killer whale is almost as big as a school bus. They are 23 feet long. Being humongous can be a huge advantage. For example, if a 1 year old baby was fighting with a 12 year old kid, the 12 year old kid would obviously win because he is bigger. In a shark fight, I am positive that being gigantic can be an advantage. When the killer whale goes at the shark, it can shove the shark around because it is not as big. The great white shark would lose its power and strength to fight back. This proves that the killer whale will overwhelm the great white shark.

The Smash of Pain

The killer whale has massive bones which the great white shark does not have. When the great white shark and the killer whale go at each other, the killer whale would smash the great white shark with its enormous body. The killer whale’s body is massive and stiff because of its bones and muscles. It is loaded like the Hulk. The great white shark will not feel like the muscular whale. Instead, it will feel like a blob of cartilage. The shark’s cartilage is not hard, so it does not affect the whale at all. I definitely believe that can be really good for the killer whale because it can take the pain better than a shark can.

The Death of a Shark

In conclusion, the killer whale would cream the great white shark with all its advantages. Since the killer whale has giant bones and a bigger body than the great white shark, it will dominate the shark in a fight. It will hurt the shark with its power and strength and the shark will give up. Hands down, the killer whale would demolish the great white shark.