Victorian Era Meals

McKenzie Penix, Ryan Pinkerton, Jarred Evans

Lower Class

Lower class people ate simple meals that included butter, bacon, potatoes, corn and washed it down with beer or tea heating it up in an open fire or just cold.
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Upper Class

Upper class people ate many different dishes and deserts every day. Rich people ate pudding, ice cream, and jellies if they were considered sophisticated. The rage of rich families was Calves' foot jelly.
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Popular Foods & Drinks

Saloop is a hot drink made from natural ingredients like sassafras and ground orchid roots. Flour Soup is made from simple ingredients like butter, flour, hot water, and salt. Another popular meal is the Bloater served on a long fork and toasted, and eaten whole including the head and eyeballs.
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Dinner Table Formation

The father of the family sat at the head of the table. The children sat on the sides of the table, and the mother sat on the foot of the table.