Point Of View

Chapter 8- no one is safe -SHARLENE HERNANDEZ

Malala's Point of view

In chapter 8 Malala's point of view or her feelings is frightened, scared, shocked, and surprised.Also she is mad about whats been happening in pakistan. On page 54 it says "the killing of women is prohibited by the pashtunwali code.. we were shocked" That shows how Malala was shocked from what happened. Also on page 53 it says "then i though: what have i done wrong that i should be afraid?" So as you can see malala a

My point of view of chapter 8

My point of view of chapter 8 is mad and surprised because there are bad things happening in pakistan. Like how they are threatening Malala's dad to stop having girls going to school, and how the women who was electing for prime minister was killed. I feel this way because girls should have a right to go to school and stand up for there own rights.