Are you missing out?

Are you missing out? – The Top 6 Reasons YOU should be doing Pilates

1. It’s all about YOU

Unlike many other forms of group exercise, Pilates can be tailor made for you – what you need and what is going to be best for your body. Spin classes, boot camps and aerobics are can all be good, but it is “generalised exercise” Nothing gets you results faster than getting a personalised program-a thorough assessment performed when you first commence Pilates will ensure you are getting the exercises your body needs.

2. Toned Body

Pilates has been around long enough to prove it is no “latest fad of the fitness industry”. Hollywood “A-listers such as Megan Fox & Gwyneth Paltrow are devoted followers of Pilates. Numerous sports stars and teams incorporate Pilates as part of their training routine. The benefits are easy to see – long, lean muscles & sculpted abs are just another reason why Pilates is so popular.

3. Supermodel Posture

When was the last time you say a Supermodel with poor posture??

Pilates has a lot to do with it – all of the Pilates exercises focus on keeping great posture whilst completing a movement. Eventually keeping “perfect posture” becomes subconscious – meaning you will always look good, even when you aren’t thinking about it. Say goodbye to slumped shoulders and poke neck posture with Pilates.

4. Release the stress and tension

Pilates is a great way to get rid of that unwanted stress and tension that so often accompanies living in the 21st century. Pilates routines focus on deep centred breathing patterns which help expand the lungs and clear the mind. The physical aspect of Pilates can also help release “endorphins” – “feel good” hormones that are a by-product of exercising.

5. Core strength – say goodbye to back pain

Not surprisingly, any form of exercise that targets the core muscles of the body which includes the abdominals, pelvic floor & deep back muscles, is going to be beneficial with regards to preventing and curing back pain.

A word of caution though. Some Pilates exercises are extremely difficult and reflect the origin of its creation – a form of rehabilitation for dancers. It is important to get a professional assessment, for example, a Clinical Pilates trained Physiotherapist who can ensure that you are performing exercises that won’t cause you an injury.

6. No more stiffness and tightness

Sitting at a desk, driving a car, working on a laptop – all contribute to specific joint stiffness and muscle tightness issues. Repeat these activities daily and eventually you start to lose flexibility and in some cases, this leads to pain & discomfort.

Pilates ensures that your body works through the optimum range of motion – loosening joints and relieving muscle tightness, helping keep you pain free.