Google Form

By Noah & Minami

What is Google Form?

Google Form is one of the most useful Google applications. It can be used for making a survey / poll, giving a quiz to students, asking co-workers about their schedules, or collecting feedbacks for Design Innovation.

Less Effort, More Beautiful

Google Form allows you to spend less time and effort. You do not need to send a bunch of emails to ask around. What you have to do is only to choose the best question type for each question, put what you want to ask people, and send the completed form to everyone. Then the responses are all automatically recorded on Google spreadsheet. You can see the responses quickly and also make a graph/table on the spreadsheet in order to statistically analyze the result.

9 Types of Question

  • Text — respondents provide short answers

  • Paragraph text — respondents provide longer answers

  • Multiple choice — respondents select one option from among several

  • Checkboxes — respondents select as many options as they’d like

  • Choose from a list — respondents select one option from a dropdown menu

  • Scale — respondents rank something along a scale of numbers (e.g., from 1 to 5)

  • Grid — respondents select a point from a two-dimensional grid

  • Date — respondents use a calendar picker to enter a date

  • Time — respondents select a time (either a time of day or a duration of time)

Required Question

You can put "Required Question" (*red asterisk mark) on essential question.

Inserting Images and Videos

You can put images and videos so that your form will be more organized and illuminating.

Changing Theme

"This form is deadly simple and boring." If you think so, you can easily change the theme anytime. There are 25 kinds of colorful pretty themes. This makes your form more beautiful.

Sending Form

When you have made all questions and been ready to send the form, just push the blue upper right button, then type respondents' email addresses. You can send this form to anyone who do not have Google account but their own email addresses.

Recording Answers on Google Spreadsheet

All the answers respondents give are recorded on Google spreadsheet without you typing in. They are well organized. Moreover, you can make graphs, carts, or tables by using these datas easily.