The Coldest of Wars

What Russia and the US did in the 50s and 60s

The Cold War: Crash Course US History #37

Quick Assessment - Thumbs up/down

1-We were dealing with Germany in the Cold War

2-The Cold War made Americans scared of other Americans

3-We tried to make more tanks than them to show our strength

4-We fought actual war in Korea during the "Cold" war

5-The Eisenhower doctrine sent troops to any Middle Eastern Nation that needed defense against Communist Countries.

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NATO/WARSAW Pact AND China becoming Communist

Korean War

Arms Race

Communism at Home

Eisenhower's Presidency

Cold War in the 50s 60s Day Two

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NATO and Warsaw Pact

The idea of the UN was great, but it did not account for two large forces in direct opposition, so the US helped create NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Org. The idea was that if you attacked one (US, Canada, most of Western Europe), you would attack all.

In response, Russia created the Warsaw Pact - same idea, just with all of the Communist nations.

As we reached a peaceful tension, China officially became Communist, and our containment had to extend to Asia as well.

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Korean War

Communist North Korea invaded the South to try and take over. The UN sent troops (the large majority of which were American) to keep the peace. At one point we pushed them and controlled almost all of North Korea too. The end result was Korea was split at basically the same exact place as before the war started. Good thing there aren't any more issues with them...wait a second

The Arms Race

We dropped a bomb in WWII, literally...throughout the Cold War, Russia and the US built more and more atomic weapons in what would be called "the arms race."

As we made more and more bombs, we also started an actual race - who could be first to get into space and to the moon. Russia took the lead with Sputnik - the first satellite. We put more focus on math and science in schools, and the space race eventually took us to the moon.

Communism HERE

HUAC - House Un-American Activities Committee: Focused on finding Communist sympathizers and stopping them. Mainly Hollywood types (why would that be the case?).

Rosenbergs - a couple that were convicted of spying, and they were executed for it.

McCarthy - Wisconsin senator started a "witchhunt" to find potential Communists. Never gave proof, but made Americans scared of potential Communist activities here.


As far as Communism, his main thing was saying he would provide aid in the Middle East (which became really important in a few decades.

He also passed the Interstate Highway Act, which made lots of the roads we use today. His economy saw boom times, more neighborhoods, and overall prosperity in the 50's.

Economic Growth - the GI Bill gave free college education and better home loans to WWII veterans (and any veteran, still today). This led to more young families needing homes, men getting better jobs, and an overall boom in the economy (aka, baby boom).

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